How to store spices? 4 suggestions

Jak przechowywać przyprawy? 4 propozycje
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You say cooking, you think spices! They are what give the ultimate flavor to any dish. It is worth taking care of their proper storage, especially if you have a lot of them. How to store spices so that they are always at hand? Here are our 4 suggestions!

How to store spices to keep them fresh for a long time?

A mistake that is often repeated in many homes is buying spices, opening them and leaving them in bags. If you leave them open they will lose their flavors.

Another mistake is to leave them near the stove, sink or in a sunny place, because through moisture and heat they will lose their values

Spice jars

A good solution to always have them on hand and everything was clear are small glass jars, which filled with colorful content can be an additional decoration in the kitchen. It’s best to get ones that are the same size and shape. If you don’t want to keep them on top, they’re perfect for storing spices in a drawer

Ceramic spice containers

An equally practical option are ceramic containers, which in addition to great practicality can provide an easy and pleasant organization among the kitchen revolutions. In addition, it is worth remembering that such containers also protect spices from moths.

Spice organizer

If you prefer to store spices in a drawer or cabinet containers with several compartments are ideal for this. You will maintain transparency, order and the bags will not be lost, but will stand in a container. Thanks to this spices do not spill and you can easily browse through them

Shelves for spices in the kitchen

A spice shelf can add variety to your kitchen. Hanging it and decorating with pretty jars can prove to be an apt decoration for the kitchen. And besides the visual aspect, spices will be in one place, so the room will be tidy. But don’t hang it directly over your sink or stove!

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