Which quilt for an allergy sufferer should I choose?

Jaką kołdrę dla alergika wybrać?
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Choosing the right bedding for allergy sufferers can be a real challenge. Studies show that more and more people are suffering from allergies. Therefore, if you have problems sleeping, the solution to this problem may be to change your comforter for one designed for allergies

If you have an allergy, you can find a quilt that is recommended for people with allergies. The presence of dust mites is the most common allergen. Thanks to the application of increasingly better solutions by manufacturers of bedding we should not worry about a healthy and peaceful sleep

Which comforter is recommended for allergy sufferers?

When choosing a comforter for an allergic person, the right composition and filling are very important. Do not be fooled by a product that is labeled as anti-allergenic. The purchased comforter should improve the quality and comfort of sleep. For this purpose, you need to know the parameters that a great comforter for allergy sufferers should have

Synthetic comforter

Many companies offer anti-allergic synthetic comforters, but is it a good idea to choose them? Their undoubted advantage is that they can be washed in a washing machine at high temperatures. Thanks to this in a simple and effective way we can eliminate the accumulated mites on the bedding. The downside of this solution is that synthetic comforters are made of plastics, which do not have good ventilation. Due to the lack of proper air removal, a person sleeping under it simply starts to sweat faster. A warm and humid environment is ideal for the growth of dust mites and bacteria. However, if you decide to buy such a comforter, it is worth checking whether inside it there is a special insert eliminating dust mites. Thanks to it you can inexpensively and effectively protect yourself against allergens

Down quilt

Do allergic people have to give up down comforters? Everything depends on what kind of feathers will be filled into the bedding. Unfortunately, this natural insert is not conducive to the situation when we want to minimize the amount of dust mites in our environment. However, there is an interesting alternative for allergy sufferers in the form of a comforter, in which the feathers are tightly closed in pockets impermeable to dust

How do I take care of my allergy-free bedding?

It is not only the purchase of the right comforter that is important. It is also important to store and care for the duvet in order to prevent the growth of dust mites. Even the best comforter, which is not cared for, will lose its anti-allergic properties. Here are the most important rules on how to store your bedding and how to clean it

  1. Regular airing of bedding

Bedding should be aired daily and preferably right after waking up. Simply open the bedroom window and let the fresh air in. Do not make the bed immediately after waking up and hide the comforter, which is still warm from your body, in a container or cover it with a bedspread. Air out and cool the bedding for a few minutes to avoid creating a good environment for mites to grow

  1. Bring bedding out into the fresh air

Simply airing the room is not enough to ensure good ventilation and to refresh the comforter. The best way to ventilate is to take comforters and pillows out into the fresh air – to the garden or balcony

  1. Change duvet covers frequently

Duvet covers should be changed once every 2 weeks. If the person using the bedding has problems with intense sweating, it should be changed more often. This will definitely reduce the presence of the allergen in the bedroom. Pillowcases should be washed in a temperature of at least 60 degrees, which will effectively eliminate dust mites from their surface

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