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7 gadgets for true series geeks

7 gadżetów dla prawdziwych serialomaniaków
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Every year series become more and more popular all over the world. Subsequent titles become world hits and gather crowds of fans. Many people love to spend time at home, absorbing successive episodes of their favorite series. What accessories and gadgets will make watching series even more enjoyable? We present a list of real gems for series maniacs

The gadgets for series fans are perfect as gifts. We think that every series geek will be satisfied with such a gift, which will perfectly fit into his or her hobby. Even a series marathon needs proper preparation, so it is worth taking care of the setting, snacks and, of course, gadgets

What series accessories will be a hit?

  1. Mug with the series character

There is no better scenario for autumn and winter evenings than spending time with warm, aromatic tea. The reliable mug will be perfect when we want to immerse ourselves in the world of the series characters while drinking a warming brew. Whether you love “Game of Thrones” or “Stranger Things”, you’re sure to find a mug with a cool print in the stores for fans of the series

  1. Netflix gift cards

This is always a fitting and successful gift for a series fan, especially if they haven’t yet purchased access to the Netflix platform. It is the most popular streaming site where you can watch hundreds of movies and series without restrictions. Netfix makes many of its own productions from documentaries to animated ones, not just for kids. When buying a gift card, beware of scammers and only buy gift cards from authorized places

  1. Comfortable pajamas

Coming back to excellent plans for colder days, you can’t go without warm pajamas that are perfect for watching series in bed. It can be pajamas signed with images of series characters. For those who appreciate nice and sophisticated clothes for sleeping and lazing in bed, a robe or a nightgown, or luxurious pajamas of a man’s cut will be perfect. For more laid-back people, the best option to sleep in is a simple T-shirt, but necessarily with a theme from the series

  1. Phone holder

It has happened to every one of us to watch a series or a movie on the phone, usually in bed before falling asleep. I guess everyone who did that, had a huge problem with positioning the phone, so that the image was visible, and the sound was flawless. Additionally, a comfortable position was mandatory. An almost impossible plan. It turned out that the universe found a solution for this in the form of a phone holder. It prevents the phone from tipping over and gives you free hands that no longer have to serve as a rack. It’s also a great accessory for reviewing the news over breakfast

  1. Monopoly board game

Who doesn’t love board games? It’s a great way to spend time with friends, as long as there isn’t a new episode on at the time. Monopoly game has released a special edition of the game for fans of the series “Friends”. Instead of classic pawns we have the characters from the series, namely Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Joey and Chandler. On the board you will find great accessories, which are unmistakably associated with the cult TV series. Great fun guaranteed

  1. Room poster

A full-fledged fan of the series must have his/her territory properly marked. For this purpose, various types of posters, collages or postcards with the motives of your favorite series will be perfect. It is also an original decoration and decoration for the bedroom, which will create a cool atmosphere. Other elements of interior decoration with the imprint of the series logo, such as figurines, bedclothes, lamps or towels, can also be an interesting solution. The most important thing is not to overdo it and the room should not turn into a room of exhibits

  1. The book on which the series is based

Most good stories have been filmed on the basis of a book, so it is sometimes worth going back to read and find out about additional plots or a different perspective on the story. This is a good gift, especially when a particular series has already ended. It gives a chance to return to favorite characters and relive favorite moments once again. Reading books under a blanket with warm tea is as pleasant as watching series

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