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A dog for a single person – which breed to decide on?

Are you single and want a dog to live in your apartment? It is possible when you reconcile professional duties with those at home. We answer what dog breeds are best for single people.

A dog can be not only a friend of the family, but also a single. Such a bond of two will be extremely strong. Before you make a decision, think carefully about whether you want your roommate to become a four-legged friend

The choice of a dog breed is an individual matter and you should think about it before you buy it or adopt it from a shelter. Today we suggest which dog breeds are best for singles.

Why should a single person consider owning a dog?

Being single we often devote our time mostly to work. Sometimes too much and we do not see how much of our life we are missing. And it is not difficult to find happiness. A lot of joy, and above all love, a person can receive from a pet. Such a dog will become for you not only a roommate, but also a confidant of the greatest secrets.

The love you bestow on your four-legged friend will be 100% reciprocated. However, before you decide to get a dog, think carefully! What will happen to him when you go on vacation? You need to remember about the cost of feeding and vet visits. What breed is perfect for a single-dog relationship? You will find the answer below!

Dog breeds for singles

Let’s start with the boxer. If you enjoy an evening run, this is the perfect breed for you. Boxers love movement, so such a pet will gladly go out with its owner for a long walk or jog. Besides, they are extremely eager to cuddle and love to be petted. The downside may be the saliva, which is unfortunately quite a lot. However, it is still one of the friendliest breeds.

The second friendly breed for a single person is the Scottish Terrier. First of all, it quickly attaches itself to the owner and is geared to defend him, should the need arise. These dogs prefer the company of the couch to long walks in the park, so the terrier will find itself perfectly at home. Their coat tends to get tangled and grows quickly. So you need to be prepared for visits to the grooming salon.

The French Bulldog is another type of dog that loves to spend time on the couch and doesn’t mind being alone as much. Its small size and short coat will not cause you any problems. He is the perfect partner for a single person!

The Miniature Pinscher/Ratler is also a good roommate for a single person. The Pinscher needs a little exercise, but usually tires quickly. It does not like cold temperatures, so you will miss long walks in the winter. The dog’s coat is not very problematic.

The Bullmastiff is an option for gentlemen. Their size is quite large, but they make up for a small need for exercise. Two walks during the day are enough, because they sleep a lot. Here it is necessary to bear in mind that the bullmastiff prefers larger spaces.

As the last one, the yorkie is presented. This tiny dog is an ideal breed for allergy sufferers. Very easy to maintain. The downside? It doesn’t like to stay more than a few hours alone.

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