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Cat – the perfect pet for a single person?

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There is an age-old argument between cat people and dog people about which pet is better. There are sensible and truthful arguments on both sides, and the question of how to resolve these disagreements must be left to personal preference. Whatever you say about cats, although they have a reputation for being not very loyal and rather independent pets, you have to give them credit for being the perfect pets for singles and busy people. Why? We already explain!

A litter box instead of a walk

Cats, unlike dogs, don’t have as much need for exercise, which makes 30 minutes of playing with a fishing rod, wand, or laser, completely enough to replace a walk. Of course, to satisfy all the needs there is also necessary intellectual fatigue, which you can give to your cat by offering him interactive and olfactory toys, but the needs that a dog meets on a walk, the cat can take care of at home. The same goes for toileting, as your cat uses a litter box, which you must provide at home. In order for a kitten to feel secure and always have a place to go to settle down, there should always be one more litter box in the apartment than there are cats. For one cat two litter boxes, for two cats three, and so on. The litter box should contain unscented clumping litter with a consistency as close to sand as possible, e.g. Benek natural, which you can buy at the online pet store If you’re single and spend all day at work, your cat can take care of itself when it comes to the toilet.

A place to relax

Cats sleep up to 20 hours a day, which makes it an ideal pet for people who are often away from home. Since most of a cat’s day consists of sleeping, you should make sure that your pet has a comfortable place to rest. This could be a hammock, a bed, a basket or a pillow. Whatever you choose, the cat bed should be in a quiet but open and visible place in the room. Cats like warmth, so it’s a good idea for its location to be near a radiator, which will warm your cat’s paws while it sleeps in the winter. Additional pillow or bed, you can place on the windowsill, watching the world through the glass will be for the cat entertainment similar to our watching TV

Cat hygiene and command center

Another essential item is a scratching post for your cat. While scratching, the cat not only grooms and sharpens its claws, but also cleans its paws from litter box sand and other dirt. If you don’t want your cat to scratch, we have bad news for you – he will do it whether you buy him a scratching post or not, it’s his natural need that he must fulfill. To save your sofas, chairs, closets and walls, you better give your pet an object that he can scratch at will. Ideally, the scratching post should be combined with a climbing tree. The higher the tree, the better, because cats, as predators, like to observe their surroundings and have control over everything, and a high vantage point gives your pet a view of the entire room, and thus a sense of security

Owning a cat is a great pleasure. If you take care of its needs, satisfy not only hunger and thirst, but also the need for contact, touch, tenderness, the pet will repay you with boundless love and trust. Singles living alone often complain about emptiness in the apartment. This space can be filled by a cat, for sure it will no longer be quiet and boring. Given that cats don’t need much else besides playing and cuddling, they are ideal pets for singles.

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