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E-sports – what is it and what potential does it have?

E-sport - czym jest i jaki ma potencjał?
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Children, teenagers and even adults love to play computer games. Some of them dream of entering the world of e-sports. What is the world of e-sports and what is its potential?

What is e-sport?

E-sport is a little known discipline in Poland. Sport is associated primarily as a healthy competition in various sports disciplines. However, e-sport is nothing but electronic sport and professional gaming. E-sports players are programmers who compete against each other in various single and multiplayer disciplines.

A brief history of e-sports

E-sports is a relatively young sport. It emerged in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Back then, it was a very clumsy Western pastime that only began to take shape in the 1990s, when such titles as:

  • Quake,
  • StarCraft,
  • Counter – Strike.

These games allowed competition over the Internet. In the early 1990s, events began to take place that attracted gaming fans, and these were:

  • QuakeCON,
  • Cyberathlete Professional League,
  • Professional Gamers League.

In the early 21st century, the popularity of e-sports grew rapidly, gaining a special reputation in South Korea, thanks to dedicated TV channels and government e-sports activities.

E-sports TV channels were also very popular in other countries. The real growth of e-sports came in 2011 with the launch of Twitch, which offered free broadcasts of e-sports tournaments around the world.

A discipline is a game and a player is a player?

Any game offers the possibility of single-player or multiplayer competition, thus it can theoretically become a sport. For this to happen, a game must have:

  • a large community of players,
  • a continuous commitment from the developers,
  • wealthy investors.

Factors that influence the popularity of a game are:

  • the price of the game,
  • the ability to enjoy entertainment at a basic level.

It is always important to distinguish between players who approach the game as a sporting competition and regular computer gamers.

A player who wants to become an e-sport must:

  • consciously and consistently pursue team goals,
  • be able to work in a team,
  • have high resistance to stress,
  • be in good physical shape.

The most popular disciplines in e-sports

In e-sports there is also a division into genres, so it is distinguished:

  • shooters,
  • multiplayer online battle arena,
  • strategies,
  • sports,
  • brawlers
  • other.

What is the future of e-sports?

The future of e-sports is very optimistic. Gaming events began to attract a lot of people, and television begins to see the potential of e-sports. It is becoming increasingly popular to advertise brands in gaming.

The future of e-sports in Poland

Poland is one of the four countries in Europe where e-sports disciplines have the most followers – currently there are over 2.8 million of them. This makes our country fourth in the world in terms of sports enthusiasts.

Polish e-sports has also a very large business potential. Two Poles – Filip “Neo” Kubski I Wiktor “Taz” Wojtas were 2017 among the 100 highest earning e-sportsmen in the world.

In Poland, e-sports are mainly of interest to people of generation X and Y, who are educated and wealthy. For them, e-sports has become a modern form of entertainment available in social media, which is a great place to advertise various products and services.

How do companies/brands use the potential of e-sports?

Nowadays, just putting a brand’s logo on a product is not sufficient advertising in e-sports, multidimensional activities are needed there. Multifaceted marketing activities generate big costs and even bigger profits.

E-sports shortens the distance between fan and idol, showing a new space for active marketing activities. The rapid development of e-sports in Poland and worldwide shows its huge potential.

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