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What should your heart rate be while running?

Running is an enduringly popular physical activity. More and more people choose it, but not everyone realizes that you need to control your heart rate while running. And what should it be?

Sport is health – it is not an empty phrase but a fact. Physical activity is one of the most important and most effective ways of keeping our body in good health. What does regular running give us? First of all, it has a great effect on the work of our heart, increases immunity and reduces stress levels.

However, to get the most out of this physical activity, you need to follow certain rules, which include, among others, control of the correct heart rate while running.

Running and heart rate. How to control it while running?

During the running training you should pay attention to several important parameters, the most important of which is heart rate. This is an important issue, because only running with the right heart rate will affect the good quality and comfort of running, as well as our condition and lack of breathlessness

Of course, running is also divided into stages. They depend on our condition, regularity of practicing this activity and health predispositions. It is known, that if we just start our adventure with running, the first trainings should be based mainly on aspiration to run in a calm pace of 15 minutes

With time we will be able to increase the pace and lengthen the time, but first we should master a quarter of an hour of running without stopping, with a regular and not accelerated pace. And when we reach this threshold, we will be able to deepen our adventure with running and increase our knowledge about heart rate zones during running.

Heart rate in running – zones

And what exactly is the heart rate? How to determine and control it? According to specialists who professionally deal with working with athletes, the value of heart rate is nothing else than current information about the state of the training load and the current level of training

The intensity of the effort during running can be divided into several zones. It depends on how much strength we put into the workout. If it is a walk and does not cause too much fatigue, our heart rate will not increase too much – it will be in the light zone.

Along with the increased intensity the heart rate will also increase. If it reaches the intensive zone, then the runner will be tired and will have heavier breathing, but in turn will start to improve the tolerance of the body for a greater effort.

People who start their adventure with running, ask the question if there is an ideal pace. There is no such thing, it is an individual matter, dependent on predisposition, our physical condition. We can take this assumption, that with the regularity of running training we will strive to maintain a constant heart rate.

How can we calculate the optimal heart rate for us?

In the times of the Internet it is not a difficult art. We can use free heart rate zone calculators that are available on the net. Such applications are able to accurately give us our maximum heart rate.

You can also use various formulas to calculate your heart rate. One of them is the one developed by Sally Edwards, the famous IronMan world championship medalist. The version for women: Tmax = 210 – (0.5 × age in years) – (0.022 × body weight in kilograms), and for men: Tmax = 210 – (0.5 × age in years) – (0.022 × body weight in kilograms) + 4. You can also find other formulas to calculate your maximum heart rate online.

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