6 tips for drying laundry at home

6 porad na temat suszenia prania w domu
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Drying laundry at home with the arrival of the autumn months becomes a bit of a hassle. In summer, laundry can be hung up in the garden or on the balcony, and the whole process takes very little time. Laundry dried at home must be hung up properly, which takes up a lot of space. In addition, moisture promotes the growth of fungi and mold

How can I dry my laundry effectively at home without taking up too much space and without harming my family? There are a few simple methods that will prevent you from turning your entire apartment into a dryer. In the following text you will learn how to avoid the dangerous consequences of excessive moisture in the house. Small size of the apartment is not an obstacle to find the perfect way to dry laundry at home

How to effectively dry laundry at home?

  1. Install an overhead dryer

Drying laundry in a small apartment can be very inconvenient if we have to unfold the dryer every time. This is even more of a problem when you have pets at home. A great and cheap solution is to install an overhead dryer in the bathroom above the bathtub. Thanks to this solution, the laundry is out of the reach of your pets and does not attract attention. You can also hang heavier items such as bedding, blankets or small rugs on the overhead dryer. The downside of this solution is that you need to make sure the air in the bathroom is well ventilated

  1. Buying a large bathroom heater

Help in drying laundry can be a modern bathroom heater, whose surface and heating power are larger than standard radiators, so the laundry will dry faster. This type of heater does not stand out from the wall and does not affect the aesthetics of the bathroom, and thanks to the widely spaced ribs of the heater we can dry underwear and small clothes on it

  1. Dryer on the bathtub

Convenient, and yet little known device for drying laundry is a special dryer for the bathtub. This is a great solution when we need more space to dry clothes, because we can treat this option as an addition to the overhead dryer. A bathtub dryer is a type of dryer mounted on the edge of the bathtub and the wall next to it. Its load capacity is around 10 kg

  1. Buying a tumble dryer or an electric dryer

Consider buying a washer dryer for your clothes. This is a device which allows you to dry your clothes mechanically after washing. So if you have the space, it is worth investing in a separate device just for drying. For a smaller room, you can choose a washing machine model that has options for drying clothes. A tumble dryer does not damage fabrics. The disadvantage of this solution is that things dried in this way are very creased and you can not do without using an iron

A smart way to speed up the process of drying clothes is to get an electric dryer. This is a device consisting of a system of fans, which increase the movement of air under the hanging clothes

  1. Hanging laundry

If you have to wash heavy and large items, which take a long time to dry, try to hang the laundry several times a day. This will allow the washed clothes, bedding or rugs to get some airflow. It’s also an effective way to avoid the crinkles and dryer cord marks on the fabric surface

  1. Position the dryer in a location with adequate ventilation

If you’re hanging your laundry on a portable dryer, it’s a good idea to put it in a warm place with adequate ventilation. A good option is to hang your wet clothes near a radiator. If it’s a sunny day and you have the opportunity, you can hang your laundry on the balcony, even if the temperature outside is not too high. Remember to secure the clothes to prevent the wind from blowing them away with wooden or plastic clips

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