7 patents for a quick and pleasant house cleaning

7 patentów na szybkie i przyjemne sprzątanie domu
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Cleaning is not one of the most pleasant household chores. However, you need to clean regularly to keep your home tidy. Want to know how to make it easier for yourself? Then be sure to check out our guide and learn about seven tricks to make cleaning easier

1. Choose a specific day to clean

Do you often have trouble deciding what day you want to clean? Do you find it hard to motivate yourself to do this chore? If so, then pick one specific day of the week where you will clean every week. It could be Friday or Saturday. It all depends on you and which day you have the most time to take care of the space around you. If you are busy every day or don’t want to spend the whole weekend dusting and mopping, you can split the cleaning up into two days. Take care of a few rooms in the middle of the week and another at the weekend

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2. Start by wiping the dust from the top

Does cleaning seem endless to you? When you wipe the dust, the dirt appears on the floor, and when you start vacuuming, it all ends up on the furniture again? Then you’re going about it the wrong way. It’s good to know that cleaning should start at the top. Start dusting at the highest point in the room and then work your way down. Finish by vacuuming the floors and carpets and remember to open the windows of your home while you do this. That way, the dust particles in the air won’t settle on your furniture

3. Dry clean first, then wet clean

Effective cleaning has its own rules. One of them is that you should start dry and only then move on to wet cleaning. In practice, this means that you have to remove dust and dry dirt from all surfaces in your home first. If you are done, you can move on to wet cleaning those same surfaces. If you start with wet cleaning, there will be a layer of wet dust on the furniture and floor. This way, you can add even more work to yourself, which is not what you want.

4. Remove limescale and tough stains with natural cleaning products

Are you struggling to find quality cleaning products that are effective yet reasonably priced? Do you have products in your home that work well, but are very strong and irritate your skin? You should know that there are remedies that are gentle yet extremely effective. In addition, you can make them yourself. Often used are:

  • baking soda,
  • citric acid

These are ingredients that are very cheap, and they can be used to remove difficult dirt and scale. All you need to do is combine them with a little water, and then apply them to the stained surface.

5. Wash windows and glass with vinegar

Wondering how to clean windows and glass at home so that no streaks are left on their surface? There are two rules to follow. It is important what kind of liquid you use to clean the windows. It is best to make the liquid yourself at home. Add one cup of vinegar to warm water, and to this add a few drops of glycerine. If the ingredients are well combined, you can pour it into a spray bottle and then apply it to the glass. The second rule is to use a suitable cloth for cleaning glass. Cotton cloths will work perfectly, but if you don’t have one at home, you can choose an old blouse or t-shirt.

6. Simple and effective grout cleaning

Grout in bathrooms and kitchens is often overlooked when cleaning. Unfortunately, these areas tend to have hard-to-remove dirt such as scale, oil and cosmetic residue. If grout is not cleaned regularly, it will turn black or yellow over time, making it look unsightly. It is worth using baking soda to clean the grout. The question arises, how to get to such hard to reach places? An old toothbrush will work great for this. Thanks to its bristles, you can clean even the smallest surfaces of furniture and floors.

7. Cleaning furniture – how to do it properly?

Furniture is one of the most used pieces of furniture in any home. Dirt and dust accumulate on them. If you want to clean them thoroughly, you should think about how to do it and which products to use in order not to damage their surface. Cleaning products which are dedicated to wooden furniture are perfect. In their composition, there are no chemical additives that could adversely affect the appearance and quality of wood. However, home remedies such as ground coffee beans work just as well. Additionally, they make the wood not lose its color and luster.

By using the above-mentioned patens for quick and pleasant cleaning, you can keep your home tidy. Additionally, these are tricks that save a lot of time and money.

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