How do I clean an upholstered couch?

Czym wyczyścić kanapę tapicerowaną?
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Upholstered furniture belongs to things that are difficult to clean on your own. However, there are ways in which you can do without the help of professionals

Keeping upholstered furniture clean is a challenge, especially when there are children and pets living in the house. Upholstery cleaning is not the easiest task, but it is possible by using special agents

Furniture made of upholstery fabrics requires thorough and frequent care. They should be vacuumed frequently and any stains that appear should be removed as soon as possible with a cloth and water. If you want to achieve an additional effect and refresh the whole piece of furniture, after cleaning the upholstery, wipe the wooden elements with a clean cloth soaked in a preparation for cleaning polish. Leave it to evaporate and finally wipe the washed wood with linseed oil.

How to care for upholstery made of leather?

Leather furniture is additionally protected by impregnation, which unfortunately wears off over time, especially if the equipment is often used. The lifespan of seats with leather upholstery depends largely on the conditions prevailing in the room. High temperature, dry air and the sun, which directly falls on the furniture, have a negative impact on leather.

How to clean an upholstered sofa? Maintenance of leather furniture for their longer life should take place at least 3 times a year. For cleaning you need to use only detergents with the right purpose.

When starting the maintenance, first get rid of all the grease that has accumulated on the leather. To do this, use water with washing-up liquid or a suitable preparation. Clean the leather upholstery in batches, starting with the seat and using a circular motion, apply the water and liquid to the furniture. When you have finished cleaning the entire leather surface, wipe the damp areas with an old terry towel or other soft material

How to clean upholstered furniture made of cotton?

Upholstered furniture covered with cotton fabric deserves thorough care. If you want to enjoy their life-span as long as possible, clean the furniture with a special foam designed for upholstery

However, before you start washing, make sure that the fabric reacts well to it. To do this, vacuum the entire sofa and wipe the upholstery with the foam in an inconspicuous area. Then, wait an hour and pick up the foam with a clean cloth until the cloth is no longer dirty. If you don’t notice any disturbing marks, you can clean all the furniture in the same way. However, when applying the product, remember not to get the filling, i.e. the sponge or mattress, wet. If this does happen, use a lukewarm stream of air from a hair dryer to dry the area as soon as possible

How can I clean an upholstered sofa made of velvet or velour?

When you want to clean your furniture upholstered with a material such as velvet or velvet, you need to prepare accordingly. When cleaning velvet upholstery, pay attention to the direction of the bristles

This type of material should be cleaned with a solution prepared from 1 liter of water with 2 tablespoons of ammonia. Rub the prepared mixture gently into the velvet and leave it for about 1 hour. Then brush the velvet with a soft brush and dry it with a hair dryer.

In case of velour, it is best to use a suitable upholstery cleaner. After initially vacuuming the upholstery, apply the cleaner and wait until it is absorbed. It takes 1-2 hours for smaller stains and 3-5 hours for bigger ones.

How to get rid of tea, coffee or wine stains?

On furniture upholstery, you can often find drink stains, most often after wine, tea or coffee. These stains are not easy to remove, however, if you react immediately, you can get rid of them quickly

The best way to remove them is to use a solution of citric acid and water. Rub such a mixture quickly into the stain. Then, it is good to wash it with washing powder dissolved in water. Stains caused by red wine have an additional way to get rid of them. Namely, pour dry white wine on the stain and then water. After this procedure, wipe the wet spot with a clean cloth and dry it

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