Home remedies for colds

In the autumn-winter season weakness and colds quite often get to us. It is enough that we go outside heated, without a cap or scarf. What methods should we use when we don’t want to take medicines available in pharmacies? Here are some home-made and, what’s most important, really effective methods useful in fighting a cold, which were already used by our grandmothers.

Prevention is better than cure

This is a simple rule which will help us avoid minor infections during the peak of the sickness season. We should remember about appropriate clothing for the weather, frequent airing of the apartment, keeping physical activity and regular taking of vitamins C and D3 or drinking cod liver oil

Home remedies for a cold

Hot tea

When you feel that you are winded or have the first signs of a cold, such as chills, cough or runny nose, reach for hot tea with healthy additives. Our allies in the fight against weakness are certainly such products as: ginger with its anti-inflammatory properties, lemon rich in vitamin C, elderberry juice with its warming and tonic properties or raspberry juice which has strong antipyretic properties. Instead of sugar it is worth to sweeten the tea with bee honey. It should be remembered, however, that it loses its medicinal properties at temperatures above 45 degrees Celsius

Hot bath, rinses and inhalations

This is an excellent way especially for the beginning of a cold. A hot bath, which will prevent the development of viruses, will pleasantly warm up our body. Add to water a few drops of pine, lavender, eucalyptus oil or a handful of chamomile. The rising steam will clear your airways and make your runny nose much less troublesome

When you have a blocked nose, try inhalation. Add a handful of dried chamomile, lime, thyme or sage to boiling water. Then, cover your head with a towel and inhale the brew for 5 to 10 minutes. You will certainly breathe better and the unpleasant pressure in the nasal area should ease.

If you have a sore throat, try a salt gargle. Add a tablespoon of iodized salt to a glass of warm but not hot water. It will disinfect your throat and mouth thoroughly. Moreover, thanks to its anti-edema properties, swelling should decrease and sore throat should go away. You can repeat this treatment every few hours


A proven cold and immunity remedy already used by our grandmothers is garlic. It is a natural antibiotic that helps our body fight off both a cold and general malaise.

Unfortunately, garlic has its own characteristic taste and smell, which does not suit everyone. It is best to consume it in the form of a syrup, which you create by crushing a few cloves of garlic and adding to them the juice of one lemon. The whole thing can be sweetened with honey

Onion syrup

This is often badly associated with our childhood, but extremely effective way of our mothers to fight the cold. To prepare it, just cut 2 smaller onions, put them into a jar, then add the juice of one lemon and 4 tablespoons of honey, preferably lime. Cap and set aside overnight. In the morning, when the onions release their juice, filter the syrup through gauze and drink it at least 4 times a day. Onion syrup will help with persistent coughs, both dry and wet.

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