How to fix a cable to the wall? Proven ways!

Czym przymocować kabel do ściany? Sprawdzone sposoby!
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Attaching cables. Sounds simple, or is it making you dizzy? Rest assured, we will help you through this painlessly. Get acquainted with valuable tips and solutions.

Don’t call a professional right away. You are able to handle it on your own. There are many accessories on the market for this very purpose. Go to the nearest construction and renovation store and buy all the necessary things. What will you need? You will find out in a moment. Do not worry, you do not have to destroy the wall and use a drill. This is especially important when, for example, your current apartment is rented. If you are actually a tenant, don’t forget to remove any fixtures and cables when you move out.

Ways to fix cables

Flat cable

This kind of equipment will blend in perfectly with the wall, like a chameleon. The wires are widely spaced in a row, and the whole looks more like colored tape than cable. The colors available in stores are usually yellow, blue and red. If you do not like these shades, you can paint the cover any color you want. This is an additional cost, but the effect will surprise you. Maybe it will only stand out a little from the wall. The proposed cable is equipped on one side with self-adhesive glue. It does not leave traces, but is durable and resistant. Thanks to the simple method of assembly, every layman can cope with the construction.

Cable camouflage

We will surprise you, for this method you need nothing but a plan and an idea. Use any elements of the space to hide unwanted details. Try to make them stretch along the walls, behind furniture and home appliances. If this is not possible, use carpet or baseboards. As a last resort, you can run the cable along the ceiling. This is not the most aesthetic method, but undoubtedly better than cables living their own life. It is important that the cables are meticulously attached and no part hangs uninvited

With what can you attach the cables to the wall?

Clip with tape

Its advantages are undoubtedly reasonable design, compact size and tool-free installation. In addition, it can be used both to equip the room, and already in use. With its help, all electrical and network cables will always be in place. Just stick it with the flat side to a smooth surface such as walls, furniture, panels or tiles. Then you can insert the cable into the clip. Especially it is dedicated for cables with larger diameter.

Double Cable Grips

Tidy cables mean increased safety and a sense of harmony. These special holders are usually made of durable and resistant polyamide. Like the previous proposal, they are durable and easy to use. They are mounted in a drilled hole or with an integrated nail or dowel. They can be used under and on plaster. They will protect any cable from damage. No more problems

Electrical duct

It is used for distribution of cables and wires. Conveniently place any wiring in it. This product is suitable for indoor and outdoor mounting, because it is resistant to UV rays and moisture. You can easily install this article by screwing it to the floor with screws or bolts.

Cable reel

If you have already managed to mount the cable on the wall, it often happens that it is too long and lies on the floor. The cable reel comes to the rescue. Thanks to it you can completely forget about tangled cables collecting dust. Such a product often has a thoughtful design. Your cables will finally be in order. You can easily wind up the unnecessary elements. And yet, any time you need to extend a cable, you can do it in seconds.

You can buy all the items described above at larger home improvement stores.

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