How to make a magnetic wall?

Jak zrobić ścianę magnetyczną? 3 sposoby
Photo by: Jason Leung, from: Unsplash

A magnetic wall can be decorative as well as a functional part of your home space. Here are 3 ways how to make it.

1. Painting with magnetic paint

You can make a home magnetic wall by applying a special magnetic paint in a chosen place. A fragment of a wall has to be first sanded, dusted off, washed thoroughly with water and then left to dry. It is best to apply the magnetic paint using a sponge roller. In order to make the magnetic surface capable of holding photos, thicker sheets of paper and larger magnets, apply 3-4 layers of paint.

2. Glass magnetic boards

There are magnetic boards available on the market in different sizes and colors that you just need to hang on the wall. Choose from glass or plastic whiteboards.

3. Self-adhesive magnetic boards

Another possibility to create a magnetic wall is a self-adhesive magnetic board that you just need to stick to the wall according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Such boards are made of PVC and thanks to this we have an additional possibility to write on them with markers.

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