Will tiles work in a studio apartment?

Czy płytki sprawdzą się w kawalerce?
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When choosing or renovating your dream apartment, you are sure to wonder about many issues. What style of furniture to choose? What brand of home appliances will work best? What will look better in a studio apartment – tiles, paint, panels…. These are just a few of the many possibilities. Today we will consider whether it is worth it to opt for tiles in small apartments.

Brighten up a small bathroom

Are you afraid that large tiles won’t work for small spaces? It’s quite the opposite! Large-format concrete tiles suit small bathrooms because fewer joints give the illusion of a uniform sheet. This solution, as opposed to traditional white grout, will optically enlarge even the smallest bathroom, and as we all know, in a studio apartment every bit of space is important. What’s more, tiles imitating concrete will give the bathroom depth and interesting character, and in addition wonderfully combine with other materials such as glass, metal or wood.

Open space

A very common solution for studios is a kitchen connected directly with the living room, so as not to waste valuable space with unnecessary walls. How to optically enlarge the space and will tiles for kitchen be a suitable solution? The answer is … Of course! However, there are a few rules to follow. First of all, choose a light color for your floor. This will make your apartment seem visually more spacious

They should also be uniform, don’t opt for tiles with patterns or several colors. If you are worried that the panels in the living room area will make the tiles in the kitchen stand out, giving an incoherent, chaotic feel to your space, there is a solution to this too. There are special floor tiles that mimic the look of wood while still retaining the properties of tile!

Go for contrasts

Even though bright colors optically enlarge a space, you’re not stuck with white, shiny bathroom tiles. Let yourself go a little crazy in your bachelor pad and decide on a combination of two contrasting colors – light and dark. By combining this solution with large format tiles, you will get a depth that you can’t achieve with white tiles. This bathroom can still be cozy if you add wood elements or green plants, either live or artificial.

They will make cleaning easier

A definite advantage of tiles over other surfaces like carpets and laminate is how easy they are to maintain. Regardless of whether we are talking about floor cleaning or maintaining the durability of the material, it is worth betting on tiles. All you need is a mop and cleaning products to quickly regain a perfectly cleaned floor. It’s just as pleasant and efficient to vacuum them without worrying about dust, pet hair or food crumbs getting between the carpet fibers. This is definitely useful in the kitchen, where it can often be a disaster if you spill sauce or milk, for example, but also in the living room, which, being the room most used by guests, can be exposed to dirt very quickly.


Will tiles work well in a bachelor pad? Of course, if you properly match them to the interior. Large format tiles in a bathroom not only will not overwhelm, but even give the impression of more space. Similarly, imitation wood tiles in the living room connected to the kitchenette will make the room seem visually spacious. If you’re still hesitating, there’s no need to think twice! Tiles for a studio apartment are a really great solution to make your apartment stylish and practical at the same time.

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