Building a photography studio at home! What equipment do you need?

Budujemy studio fotograficzne w domu! Jaki sprzęt jest potrzebny?
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Photo studio at home is a dream of many people. Taking professional photos in our own, specially arranged for this purpose, rooms is possible today. All we need is to organize the equipment that will help us realize our passion

What equipment do you need to create your ideal home studio?

Step one – choosing the space for your studio

The first step to creating your private photography studio at home is choosing your space. It should be a room with access to daylight. This is a big convenience, because thanks to this we will not need many lamps, which will never replace natural light anyway

Step two, or completing the equipment needed to build a studio

The second, very important stage of building the studio, is to carefully plan what equipment we need to arrange a professional photographic studio. Certainly it will not do without buying the photographic background, lamps, blends and possibly a shadow-free tent. However, everything depends on what kind of photographs you want to take in your studio.

  1. Photo background

The photographic background plays a very important role. Depending on what effect we want to achieve, we choose a natural or distinctive background. We can also easily create them ourselves. After all, the background can be a white wall, which is a great choice if we do not want to spend too much money on building a studio at home, or simply prefer to spend this money on lamps. We can use fabric, board construction or any other material as a background. Many people build their backgrounds from cardboard boxes, which they cover with colored papers. The price of the professional backdrop, which can be bought in many photographic stores, depends on its size and varies between 100-200 zloty

Choosing the background, you should answer the question, what kind of photos we want to take in the photographic studio at home. In the case of portraits, we can easily afford a background of our own design. An important aspect is how to mount the background. We can stick them on the wall or hang them on special stands, which we can buy or construct ourselves. It is enough to connect two stands with each other with a transverse link

  1. Lamps and blenders

The choice of lamps for our studio is one of the most important decisions we make. We have to think carefully about how many and which lamps we should use, so that the photos would not lose their quality due to lack of good light. When buying lights, we should know what kind of subjects we are going to photograph. If we want to take portraits in a home studio, we should pay most attention to the lighting. At the beginning of your adventure with photography you can buy two or three frames with a lamp that shines with white light. In the Internet you can find such a set for about 100 zlotys

The set usually includes an umbrella. The white one provides the effect of delicately diffused light, and the black one reflects the light. If we would like to apply a cheaper solution, we can use lighting that we have at home, i.e. desk lamps, bedside lamps, halogen lamps and others. The best effect will be achieved by using lamps or sets purchased in photography stores

Another important equipment that you should remember about if you want to have a home photographic studio are blenders. Thanks to them we can manipulate the light, accent and reflect it in a specific way, modify it depending on our needs. Blenders can be bought for about 60 zlotys, but you can also successfully make them yourself. All you need to do is to glue aluminum foil onto cardboard, which interacts with the light in the same way as a professional blender.

  1. Shadeless Tent

Shadeless tent is a mandatory element of our photographic studio at home, if we want to capture small objects. We can buy it or make it ourselves. The price of a ready-made tent is a few dozen PLN. If we want to make it ourselves, we can use, for example, cardboard, in which we cut out holes, and then we cover the inside with white paper or tissue paper. Through the cut spaces will fall into our tent light

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