Grill in the garden – choose the right equipment and start the grilling season!

Grill in the garden – choose the right equipment and start the grilling season!
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Barbecue in the garden is an integral part of spring and summer meetings with family and friends. To barbecue was maximally comfortable and safe at the same time, you need to keep in mind several important issues

The most important is of course the choice of the grill in addition to garden furniture. In stores you will find different types of grills, ranging from disposable, through the classic charcoal, to electric and gas. Which type of barbecue to choose for your garden? Check out the differences!

Which barbecue to choose for the garden?

Grilling has many advantages. Food prepared in this way have a unique, distinctive flavor, are also lighter than, for example, fried. However, the final result depends not only on the quality of the ingredients, but also on the type of grill on which the food is prepared. What grills you have to choose from, what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Charcoal grill – popular and cheap

The most popular type of grill is the charcoal one. It is he who is associated with traditional barbecuing. The unique taste and aroma of food and the smell of smoke conquered by the smell of food – this is almost the definition of the season!

The biggest advantage of charcoal grills is their low price (the simplest, small models you can buy even for a dozen zlotys!), as well as a large selection of shapes and sizes. They are also very easy to use and cheap to operate. To fire up you only need a bit of coal or wood and fire starter. As a rule, charcoal grills are small in size, so you can easily transport them by car and take them outdoors

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Electric grill – modern and convenient

Electric grill is least associated with traditional barbecue in the garden, but the dishes prepared on it are equally tasty. A huge advantage of an electric grill is that the roasting does not generate smoke, there is also no fire. This increases the comfort of using such equipment: it does not disturb the neighbors, there is also no risk of igniting the fire by bouncing embers from the hearth

An additional advantage of an electric grill is that you can freely control the temperature, so the risk of burning or burning food is minimal. Cooking on an electric barbecue is also healthier as no toxic substances are released from the fat dripping on the hot coals

The potential disadvantages of an electric grill, however, include the fact that using an electric grill requires a connection to a power source, and this forces you to grill near an outlet. In addition, dishes from an electric grill are devoid of the characteristic smoky aftertaste (although for some, this is an advantage!)

Gas grill – easy to use

Gas grill is not a commonly used solution, but it has several advantages. First – it is very easy to use. Second – it’s quick and easy to fire up. Third – similar to the electric, gas barbecue allows you to easily control the temperature of roasting

Among the gas grills can be distinguished two types, because of the power supply: they are grills powered from the mains or from a cylinder of propane-butane. Gas grills also come in different sizes, but they are usually quite large and heavy, so they are mostly used in a fixed location. However, you can also find tourist models that are smaller and lighter. On you can easily find a grill that will be perfect for your needs.

How to choose a place for a barbecue in the garden?

Choosing equipment is one thing. The other is the place where you will barbecue: it affects not only the pleasure, but also the safety of cooking

The place for the barbecue should first of all be sheltered from the wind – otherwise the smoke will spread, irritating neighbors or passers-by. The second important thing is the environment. The barbecue should be away from trees and bushes, as well as dry grass, hay or wooden structures. Just knocked over by the wind or hit by someone can lead to a fire. The ground on which the barbecue is to stand must also be flat and stable

The last point is insect protection. The evening time, the smell of food, the light – all these things will cause mosquitoes, midges or wasps to gather nearby. It is worth protecting yourself against them in a natural way, for example by planting plants near the grill, which repel them with their smell. These include mint and basil.

How do I set up a barbecue area in the garden?

If you barbecue often and invite many people, and you own a garden, consider creating a barbecue area. You can put a larger, sturdier and heavier grill in it to have a permanent place there. You can also build a fireplace with a grill – for this you will only need a dozen bricks, mortar and… imagination

The barbecue corner should also be arranged in such a way that everything you need to prepare meals is within easy reach. A table and chairs should also be placed there

What do I need to keep in mind to ensure safe barbecues in the garden?

For a barbecue to be completely safe you need to keep a few simple rules in mind. If you’re using an electric or gas barbecue, make sure you have a secure connection to the mains (or gas cylinder) first. Always use the barbecue for its intended purpose and make sure that children are not in the vicinity. Always clean the firebox of a charcoal barbecue thoroughly after cooking. Never leave food on the grill unattended either!

A barbecue is a pleasure: an opportunity to get together with other people, to enjoy unusual flavours and also to relax in the fresh air. The taste of food depends not only on how it is prepared, but also on the equipment on which it is cooked. Electric and gas grills give the possibility to regulate the temperature, so the risk of burning food is low. A charcoal grill, on the other hand, is the cheapest and provides a distinctive taste of food. However, using it is also the least safe, due to the glowing coal. The choice depends primarily on the frequency of grilling and whether the equipment is to be taken outdoors, or will have its permanent place in the garden

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