How do I repot an orchid?

Jak przesadzić storczyka?
Obraz Pitsch z Pixabay

Orchids are beautiful plants that are often enjoyed by homemakers. They delight with their beautiful flowers and are willingly bought by Polish families. However, we should repot them properly. How? Check it out!

Repotting orchids

Repotting orchids is one of the basic procedures that should be done every 2 years . Their substrate is decomposing and air is not getting to it as well as algae and fungi may appear on the walls of pots. Therefore, in order to take care of the plants you should repot them in good time. Overgrown roots are also a sign that it is high time to do this.

Substrate and pot

To take care of your beautiful plants you need to provide them with an airy substrate. Their roots are demanding, so provide them with a suitable pot along with bark and components. The garden bark should be fresh to avoid decay.

An orchid pot is different from the other pots you choose for plants in your home. It should be transparent with a shaped bottom. You will then be able to monitor the condition of the roots, and the bottom of the pot will allow excess water to drain away. You can add shredded Styrofoam to it, which improves the state of aeration for a long time. Its only drawback is that it cannot be used for compost as an artificial product. If you prefer to diversify the pot of your plant with natural additions, you can add peanut shells or coconut

Repotting date

The best time to repot these beautiful plants is in the spring. This is when damaged roots regenerate more easily. However, remember that you cannot repot specimens that have just bloomed.

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