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Exercise equipment you can take with you on your walk

Sprzęt do ćwiczeń, który możesz zabrać ze sobą na spacer
Fot. Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

Do you enjoy exercising outdoors? Here are some exercise devices that you can take with you on your walk and use anywhere to do your daily workout.

Resistance bands

This simple tool is extremely functional and versatile – with its help you can perform a comprehensive workout for the whole body. The resistance bands are light, flexible and compact, so you can fold them up and put them in your pocket. This device you can freely take with you on a walk, on a journey and actually to any other place.

Skipping rope

This is another easily portable, flexible and space-saving exercise tool. The skipping rope can be taken anywhere. It is great for performing cardio exercises.

Photo by Katee Lue / Unsplash


Roller can be easily put into a slightly bigger bag or backpack. This device will help you to relax after a hard day. Exercising with a rollator in the fresh air can only increase the positive effect

Yoga mat

Slightly larger in size than the previous items, but lightweight and handy, a yoga mat is another thing you can take with you on your walk. You can strap it to your backpack or tuck it between the ears of your bag. Stretching in the woods or in the park on the grass is the perfect idea for a relaxing workout.

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