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Saving money for a single – step by step

Looking for a way to save a little on a daily basis? Check out what changes are worth making to have more money left in your account. Most of them are easy to implement, and the results are sure to positively surprise you!

Simple people to save money

Everything is getting more expensive at a rapid pace, so no doubt everyone is feeling it. It doesn’t matter whether you have a family to support or are single, price increases don’t save anyone. However, it must be admitted that those who have only themselves as dependents, saving is somewhat easier. At least the expenses for children, which can be really considerable, fall away! Are you single and want to save money? Find out what changes you can make right now, and you’ll see the results quickly.

Thoughtful grocery shopping

Food is something that simply goes to waste in many households. This is primarily due to ill-considered grocery shopping. Anyone who wants to save money on food has only one way out – of course, it’s about carefully planned shopping with a list of needed products. 

Our advice is simple. On any day of the week, for some it will be Monday, for others Friday or Saturday, plan your meals for the week. Make a list of the things you need and go to the store with it, trying not to buy anything else. Except for the things we like to eat fresh, which is primarily bread, don’t buy anything extra during the week. This approach will save you a lot of money, as you will see after the first month of applying this rule.

Limit eating out

Another thing we spend a lot on really is eating out. This actually connects to the previous point, as it is mostly due to a lack of planned meals. Sometimes, of course, it’s also a matter of lack of time to cook or socializing. 

The point is not to give up city outings altogether, if you like them. However, it’s worth thinking about cutting back on eating out and in restaurants, especially in situations where you just don’t have dinner made and order something like a tortilla, pasta or burger. These are things you can very easily make at home, and you’ll spend much less on them. 

Get rid of what you don’t use and make money on it

You probably don’t even know how many things you have at home in good condition that you don’t use. These are mainly clothes and accessories, as well as various appliances or home accessories. Why should they lie uselessly and take up space when you can get rid of them at a profit? Make friends with the Vinted app, where you can give away the things you don’t wear in an uncomplicated way. Another good option is to look into local groups, where you can also sell various things, or give them away, exchanging them for something useful to you. This is also a very good way to have more money left in our wallet.

Cancel subscriptions you don’t use

Various companies tempt us with subscriptions. While many people are happy to watch Netflix, it often happens that we opt for several of these options, and we don’t even have time to use them on a daily basis. Review the ones you’ve signed up for, and ask yourself, do you really need them? Although it seems like a not-so-big expense per month, on an annual basis you’re spending a lot of money on things that are unnecessary. Giving up is a good thought.

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