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Walking with a dog – what to take with you to avoid boredom

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Walking your dog seems like such an easy thing to do that it doesn’t require any additional instruction. You clip your dog’s leash, go out, wait for him to do his thing and come back, right? Well, not quite true. For a dog, a walk isn’t just a toilet. Going outside is the biggest attraction of the day for your dog – new smells, sights, opportunity to meet other dogs and people, and of course possibility to run to your heart’s content. What should you take for a walk with your dog to avoid boredom?

Dog treats – the basis of walk training

A walk is an opportunity for you and your dog to practice basic commands, such as calling or sitting, which make walking much easier. The commands must be practiced with your dog all the time, because he may simply forget them. Snacks will certainly come in handy for training, as most dogs love them and they are a great motivation for them to exercise. Just remember to choose snacks of good quality and composition. Colorful cubes made of garbage and stuffed with soy are not the best choice. You can take your snacks with you in a convenient pouch that attaches to your pocket or trouser belt. That way, you’ll always have quick access to them when your dog follows your command. If you have a clicker introduced to training with your dog, of course the snacks are not necessary, the clicker itself is completely sufficient.

Walking toys – salvation for fearful and reactive dogs

Does your dog carry the leash in his mouth or bite it on walks? Holding things in his mouth is a coping strategy for many dogs to deal with a barrage of stimuli such as sounds, smells, sights and other walk scares. Holding something in his teeth gives your dog confidence, so you should allow him to do so. Chewing on leashes is not the best idea though, they are expensive and it’s just too bad for your dog’s teeth. It is much better to buy your dog a toy for walks – a ball, a plush, a tug, a chew, something that he can easily carry and chew

When training anxiety aggression or reactivity, it’s also a good idea to have a toy with you if play is your dog’s motivation. In stressful situations, it is better not to feed the dog, so a short game with a tug or mascot will be a much better option here. Moreover, tearing will help the dog to discharge excess of emotions and feel relief so important for it. You can find the perfect toys for a walk and more at

Leash – necessary or not?

There are two camps among dog lovers – supporters and staunch opponents of leashes. The first say that it’s responsible, because the dog won’t run away, won’t fall under the car and won’t hurt itself. The other side says that limiting a dog’s freedom is unnatural, cruel and leashes are evil. As it usually happens, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. In an ideal world, your dog should have at least one long walk where he can run free. However, if you live in a city by a busy road, don’t let your dog off leash in such a dangerous place

If you don’t have a dog-friendly place in your neighborhood – a meadow, a clearing, a paddock, rather bet on about 10 meters of rope, where your dog will have much more freedom than on a leash, but will still be protected from escaping to the road, for example. Also, if your dog is reactive and may set off in pursuit of a bike, other dog or animal, opt for a rope. On the other hand, calm dogs with perfectly mastered recall can be walked without a leash. In case of walks in the city, where cars, bicycles, scooters, children run, and the dog is bombarded with stimuli from all sides, it should absolutely be kept on a leash

Walks with a dog are often the most enjoyable part of the day for tail lovers, especially now that temperatures are rising and it is getting more and more spring-like outside. For the dog, on the other hand, it is not only the most enjoyable, but also the most interesting and exciting part of the day. A well-executed walk can give your dog a ton of satisfaction and greatly boost his confidence, so buy your pooch some walking toys and give him the best walks possible

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