3 puff pastry appetizers

3 przekąski z ciasta francuskiego
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If you are not a master in the kitchen, but you want to prepare quick snacks from puff pastry, it is really easy! All you have to do is buy the finished product in the supermarket and choose the additives.

Recipes for puff pastry snacks

You can prepare puff pastry snacks as a hot dinner, as well as interesting dishes when you have guests coming over. See simple recipes.

Puff pastry with sausages

Simply divide the puff pastry into smaller squares or triangles. If you choose the first option, place a piece of sausage (or kabanos) in the middle. For triangles, do it on the widest part. You can spice them up with yellow cheese. Wrap the puff pastry and place in an oven preheated to 180 degrees for about 20 minutes.

Mini puff pastry tart

You can also prepare mini puff pastry tart as a snack. First heat the bottom in the oven, preferably at the temperature stated on the package, for about 10 minutes. Then place your favorite toppings (e.g. tomatoes, mozzarella) and bake for another 10 minutes. Finally, sprinkle with arugula.

The simplest puff pastry appetizers

A good way is also to cut puff pastry into long rectangles with short sides. You can sprinkle them with salt and spices, and then roll them up in such a way as to form fingers. You need to bake the dough prepared this way in the oven, according to the information on the package. If you want, you can put cheese inside.

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