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How do you take care of a dog when you are single?

Jak zajmować się psem, gdy jest się singlem?
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A dog at home completely changes the atmosphere, introduces life, joy and enthusiasm to even the most gray thresholds. For this reason, single people who live alone often decide to adopt a four-legged companion. However, owning a dog alone is quite a logistical challenge, especially since a dog needs a lot of attention, work and time. See how to take care of a dog when you are single.

Walking and taking care of your dog’s needs

Regularity and regularity are the most important things in a dog’s life. Unfortunately, when you live alone and work full-time, regular walks can become problematic. Your dog should go for walks at the same times every day, and the interval between one walk and another should not exceed 6 hours. The dog’s bladder forms 1 ml of urine per kg of body weight in an hour

The capacity of the dog’s bladder is, depending on the size and weight of the dog, from 200 ml, even up to 1 liter in the case of giant breeds. Six-hour break from walks is the limit at which the dog feels discomfort caused by overflowing bladder, each subsequent hour is agony. Therefore, if you do not have the opportunity to go for a walk with your dog, you can invest in a dog litter box or reusable sanitary pads that will bring your dog relief in your absence. Holding urine for long periods of time leads to a stretched bladder and incontinence in the future.

Meal times

It is a little easier with feeding because an adult dog, should eat two to three times a day. You can give your dog a portion of his food in the morning after his first walk, a second portion when he returns from work, and a third portion in the evening. A recommended practice is to feed your dog after walks, as a form of reward and to replenish the energy consumed during the walk. When it comes to choosing a dog food, it must absolutely be grain-free and contain as much meat as possible

A healthy adult dog should eat primarily dry food, and wet food should be a dietary supplement, a treat. Depending on the health of your dog, different veterinary diets may be necessary. If this is the case, be sure to ask your doctor what he recommends and look for a food that meets these requirements.

Pros of owning a dog alone

First of all, you can maintain regularity and consistency in raising your dog. For four-legged dogs, consistency is key and working with them can only be effective if you maintain it. Unfortunately, if there are several people involved in raising the dog, keeping the set rules and sticking to them is difficult. When you live alone, no one interferes with your work with your dog and you can do your training without interference

Secondly, you are assured of being your dog’s favorite person. Often a dog chooses its own idol among the people at home, whom it never leaves its side and for whom it would jump into the fire. The fact that you are not that person for a dog can be upsetting. When you live alone, your dog has no other idols but you

A dog is a huge responsibility, but an even bigger joy. Yes, caring for a dog alone is quite a challenge, but it is not an insurmountable issue

The biggest complication is the issue of travel. However, there are also ways to deal with it, you can put your dog in a pet hotel, you can also ask friends or neighbors for help. When it comes to taking care of your dog on your own, it is always a good idea to maintain a good relationship with your neighbors so that you can count on their support

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