Single Life

Intimate sphere in the life of a single – how to take care of it?

Intymna sfera w życiu singla - jak o nią dbać?
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Being single does not mean loneliness, and not having a partner does not have to be associated with a lack of concern for intimacy or a deficit in interpersonal relations. So what can be done in order for the single life not to be associated with the feeling of loneliness?

Intimacy is an important element in life and consists of many elements. First of all it is associated with sexuality. Sometimes for people who are single this sphere is not the most important, and even if it plays an important role, there are solutions to cultivate it. It is not about the so-called fleeting acquaintances. You can have a close person with whom you do not form a relationship, but you spend time together on an intimate relationship. This does not mean that such an arrangement is somehow deficient; it is just different. The most important thing is that each person feels respected and satisfied with the arrangement.

Sometimes being without a sexual partner for a long time can lead to stress about having intercourse. If a man is experiencing potency problems due to anxiety, he should consult a sexologist or urologist who can advise on how to manage anxiety and prescribe remedies such as viagra or kamagra. The situation is similar for women – stress can be alleviated by talking to an experienced specialist.

How to care for the feeling of intimacy?

The intimate zone also includes relationships with friends or one person we consider a friend. Spending time together, sharing problems and successes, support in difficult situations, although they may seem trivial, significantly shape the spiritual sphere. Intimacy is all about trust and bonding, whether it’s a partnership or a sexual relationship. It is important to be mindful of who we allow into this part of our lives. Being around toxic people or those who undermine our self-esteem never leads to anything good. Building and nurturing intimacy should be based on creating a relationship that feels safe. If necessary, set boundaries that you will not cross, such as sharing certain secrets

Time for yourself

There is a belief that being with other people is the most fun. While it’s important to form meaningful and lasting relationships, it’s just as important to find time to be with yourself. Take time to explore your passions or find new activities that you enjoy doing.

Taking the time to read a book, listen to your favorite music, meditate, or do anything else that puts your thoughts in order is essential to maintaining spiritual balance. The ability to be in one’s own company is difficult to acquire, but extremely important. It prevents you from feeling sad when you don’t have friends around.

People who take care of their emotional health are better able to cope with the challenges they encounter in everyday life. They adapt to change, build strong relationships and recover from setbacks. Improving your relationship with yourself by maintaining your physical and mental health makes you more resilient, able to weather the hard times and enjoy the good ones.

Self-care time does not involve complete isolation. It can also result in realizing what you want from life, setting priorities, and making plans for the rest of your life.

Remember that intimacy is an extremely important sphere that builds satisfaction with life, strengthens self-esteem, and properly nurtured makes being single even richer.

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